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The exodus attack! - 91%

Demon_of_the_Fall, January 21st, 2005

Bonded by Blood for it's time was the best thrash metal album around, and still to this day people can relate with it’s speed, constant riffery, and violence. Being a total thrash onslaught that I love Exodus for, this contains some of the best songs metal has to offer. How can every true fucking metal-head not have this peace of raw brutality? Songs that punch your face in like "And then there were none", A Lesson in Violence", or Strike of the Beast are unrelenting riff fests, also some guts/gore filled lyrics about hacking up people, and shanking predators with a switchblade. Paul Baloff’s departure after this album left much sorrow among fans, although they did get together again in 1997 for their Another Lesson in Violence album. Much has already been mentioned about this album, and I figured I should also put my opinion in the pool. Bonded by Blood although perhaps more simple in song composure than what would follow in Exodus's career, are quite well executed by all members.

BBB shows us that Exodus were determined to be the utmost furious thrash band in the SF bay area. Hearing Holt and Hunolt rip through some ultra fast solos and riffery always puts a grin of satisfaction on my face. The drumming is also fucking intense and punishing, Hunting pushing the boundaries of speed. The vocals by Baloff are one of a kind and can never be replaced, although abit on the punkish side, I quite enjoy his vocals. The bass could use a bit of tweaking in the mix job, but sounds great for thrash. Killing is my business...and business is good! Comes to mind when I listen to Bonded, because that was easily Megadeth’s finest and most speed oriented album, released at nearly the same time (listen to the remaster for further proof). A metalheads cherished album, BBB is a bold statement of the brutality they unleash and in their lives. Even some people who don’t like this album say they have respect for it. Those who don’t like this album still hold respect for the weight of influence it had on metal, but they’re ignorant and can’t understand it. I shall no close with some of Baloffs words (R.I.P.) Paul
"Lead us into temptation
A reign of terror will begin deliver us to evil we promise death, world's end!”

Best Tracks: Bonded By Blood, And then there were None, Exodus, A Lesson in Violence, Deliver Us to Evil, Strike of the Beast