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The second resurrection - 76%

runlevel0, February 15th, 2012

First of all two notes: I am not very deeply involved in Dead Metal and I did not know this band before this EP. I will thus apologise if at some point I state the obvious.

When I received the EP I found a letter inside, hand signed by Brian Werking. Nice detail. In the letter he explains the history of the band until this new resurrection (which quite explains the name of the EP). The album is a solo project composed, performed and recorded by Werking himself, but don’t worry, it’s far from the typical garageband mashup we can hear some times (a pest affecting specially black metal nowadays).

What we have in our hands is a piece of thrashy brutal death metal that makes me sometimes recall the likes of Asphyx or Hail of Bullets. But while these Dutch bands make use of extremely heavy bass displaying a clear doom metal inspiration, Exmortis feasts on a diet of death and thrash metal with strong Morbid Angel influences. Here I wouldn’t be able to say if these are actually influences as such or just a case of co-evolution as both bands are of a similar age. In any case; Exmortis did participate in a Morbid Angel tribute album in an earlier “resurrection” back in 1994 and under the moniker “Bloodless” for some copyright reasons.

In the purely musically aspect all the instruments are well interpreted and blend nicely together; on the better side are the guitars with some extreme facemelting moments, keeping your head banging and your feet moving to the catchy rhythm. Brian uses clear “broken” vocals somewhere between Martin van Drunen and Lemmy Killminster. On the rather-not-so-good side are the drums. Not that they are bad, they also do their job in a honest way but in some parts they sound very mechanic. I suppose that Brian did in fact use a drumbox and a real drumkit. The volume is however somewhat low during the whole album. Nevertheless; as a whole, the result is good.

The production is rather dull missing a bit of extra power and robustness on the basses and some extra atmosphere, and as I already commented the drums sound too low.

The EP yields 6 cuts, 4 proper songs, an intro and an outro. All four of them highly enjoyable with no junk pieces in between. The structure of the songs follows a simple verse-chorus pattern, another clear thrash metal feature while in general the double picked guitars and vocals remain inside the death metal spectrum. All these thrash and DM elements united create a captivating stream of pure headbanging energy that will make you stay wanting more.

I am sure that this resurrection will not be an ephemeral one.