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Maybe I Don't Like Grind - 50%

demonomania, February 23rd, 2007

I guess it's time to face it, I just don't like grind. If I did, though, I would like this album. It is full of left-wing commentary, humor, brutality, and a great number of schizophrenic shifts in tempo and even in genre.

This reminds me of Cephalic Carnage, only with much more cohesion. While "Exploiting Dysfunction" is almost completely unlistenable because it sounds like a bunch of stoners recorded some riffs they thought were cool without bothering to link them, "Ethos Musick" has genuine tracks with a message.

That doesn't mean that this stuff necessarily makes sense, or that I could pick a favorite track amidst the grinding insanity. But sample in some environmentalism, Jello Biafra telling us all to grow pot, and a shitload of gunshots from "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" and you'll entertain me. Plus there is an awesome, almost classic-rock sounding guitar solo thrown in the mix, and it is very well done.

So, if you like the cut-and-paste, low-fi fury type of grind, buy away. I need just a bit more structure.