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Pleasantly surprised - 80%

MetalicHunter, September 2nd, 2018

All jokes aside about how this is the easiest band to remember as well as to find on record stores, and about how the band’s name was typed randomly on a computer, this is actually pretty good. Everything about this album is unique and mysterious in a good way.

To begin, we have a cool artwork to receive us, something about this Egyptian-ish image is really cool, and the music follows this image perfectly, with technical and complex instruments and great vocals.

The guitars and the bass are the main atmosphere creators, and they accomplish with honorific mention, the complex rhythms and melodies are nothing short of great, the solos are not the best, but I can´t take points away for them; they aren´t bad, but at the same time they sound with a little too much distortion, and the production takes some of the quality away, but I´ll touch that later.

The drums are just as expected on any death metal album, especially of this kind; brutal, lightning fast and overwhelming, nothing too forthcoming, but definitely on spot, keeping the chaotic rhythm we see on most death metal albums.

The vocals aren´t your typical death metal growls; when I tried to imitate them I found out they sound more similar if you just really try hard on making the lowest pitch voice you possibly can and then growling just a little, not making too much effort: a welcome change from the typical death metal album, while keeping the heavy part really present.

Musically, the album has highs and lows, at times the riff literally makes you feel in Egypt, but at other times it sounds a little random and disorganized, as if the music hadn´t been composed in advance, structurally however, I can´t complain of anything, the transitions are smooth and they keep perfectly the whole atmosphere of the album. The worst part of the whole album has to be production, saying that it is lacking is an understatement, to the point in which the most unlistenable track is the instrumental track, merely because you see a completely distorted sound in which you can´t find the melody that should be in an instrumental song.

The hardest part of this album, however is actually finding it, I had to make 50 or so searches on google while coming back to metallum to search for the song titles individually, but I eventually managed to find the whole album, and that is a true inconvenience, you should just be able to find the album in a single place and then listen to it continuously, which I couldn´t manage to do, not even on Spotify (Where the band IS in Spotify, under the name of just “Eximperitus”, for some reason they don´t have this album) which is a true shame, because for being something so… exotic, this work is pretty good.

Don’t ask me (or anyone outside the band members) about the lyrics; I have no idea what they mean, I tried translating them in google translate and it only detected one word… in Polish. But I actually like that, they add to the mystery and subsequent charisma surrounding this band.

An album that screams “mystery”, Eximperituserqethhzebibsiptugakkathsulweliarzaxulum (Yes, I did memorize the whole name, thanks to having to type it so many times on my laptop), did a pretty interesting, and exotic, work, that should have a little more attention.