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Tasteless and relentless....comes together well - 81%

Symphony_Of_Terror, April 11th, 2004

This is just a review for the Exhumed songs for I haven't heard the Sanitys Dawn songs. As far as Exhumed being labeled as in part Grind, for these songs its not very true, aside from just a few toilet vocals, I can find nothing about them that is grind. Emeticide and Pus Grinder and heavy death metal, a bit brutal at times with the guitars. Perhaps on their older work was more grind influenced, but the grind is hard to find here.

Emeticide has mediocre death metal vocals, at times they do something noticable, but most of the time they just sound gargled and inchoherant. They are at the lower end of death metal vocals that I have heard. While the vocalist sings the guitars just kinda roll on with their relentless brutality. They are a bit repetative during the vocals, just playing a fast riff over and over, the riff isn't that bad, its heavy and would stand well on its own, but the vocals take away from it a bit. A few times though they change the riff to a faster more interesting one, saving the begining of the song. This is true for the first 45 seconds of this short song. For the rest of the song, the remaining 30 seconds the guitars take over and play a slower but heavier riff. The riff isn't slow by standards, just compared to what they had in the begining of the song it is. Its heavy and choppy, not that much rhythym, but it works well. The guitars and drums by themselves are about average, at times good, the vocals are pretty bad by themselves, and not much better in the song. But when they all come together they make a heavy, fast, loud song thats very headbangable to.

Pus grinder is Emeticide's older more learned brother. Its very similar to Emeticide, but about ten times better, and a decent length. The riffs are better done, just as heavy and fast, but more complex and interesting. They hold a bit more rhyhtym but still are choppy. The rhythym of the guitars shows up during the vocals, which are surprisingly better on this song. There are less toilet vocals, and mostly death metal vocals. They are a bit more coherant on this song, but still gargeled. I will say it again, I have heard better. The drums add a ton of volume to this song, they are very fast, and are done quite well. Their drumming is on par with some of the better bands I have heard. The main attraction to this song is that its very fast, heavy, and comes together well. It you disected this song, you would have average guitars, drums, and bass, but when put together it creates one tasteless brutal song that I don't have to think about when I listen.

These Exhumed songs are fast and heavy for fast and heavy's sake. Their goal is just to be fast, heavy, relentless, and brutal. These two songs are not designed to be thought about, which is enjoyable. The Exhumed songs are good to play when you just want something fast and heavy that you don't need to pay attention to to enjoy (the opposite of listening to bands like Amon Amarth, Overkill, and Behemoth). Overall the album is enjoyable and has quite a few memorable guitar riffs. I gave this a high score because its pretty enjoyable to listen to and comes together very well.

Note: This album is much better when blasted (as if all metal isn't).