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Bone Fucking Fun!!! - 98%

thebaldcadaver99, November 3rd, 2012

Being a dedicated Exhumed fan, I picked up this split with the desire to broaden my horizons with their pre-Gore Metal material. I've noticed they never play any songs off of their splits or demos (with the exception of Torso) during their live performances, and after giving this a listen I want to know WHY goddamnit. Songs like Necrovores, Bone Fucker, and Dissecting the Caseated Omentum would be amazing live. The last time I saw Exhumed I yelled at Matt while he was setting up to play Necro-Transvestite, and he just gave me a baffled look and said "shit man, it's been fifteen years, I forget!" But enough of that, onto the review.

The joys of splits are, of course, that you get two bands to listen to! I had never even heard of Hemdale before getting this and I can't say that I don't enjoy listening to them. The only down side to their music is that their vocalists high screams can get a bit obnoxious. His lows however, are powerful and crushing. As for the guitar work, Hemdale displays classic grindcore sound with slower paced death metal. Their second track, Pus Filled Carcass, reaches out of your speakers and grabs the back of your neck, urging you to bang your fucking head along with the slow, sludgy tune. Hemdale did a good job on this split, no doubt, but no way in Hell did they match up to Exhumed.

Exhumed starts off their portion of the split with Horrendous Member Dismemberment, a track that starts off at a very intense fast pace, making you want to start moshing your ass off, and then goes into a slower paced Carcass-esque 'breakdown' if you will, that makes your head bang on its own. I love to play the track Necrovores: Decomposing the Inanimate whenever my wife's around because they stop in the middle of the song and have a gnarly sounding sample of what sounds like bones grinding together inside a wet pussy. It grosses her out everytime!

Exhumed display elements of grind, groove and a wee bit of melody on this split. Songs like Torso and Masochistic Copromania are classic Goregrind songs that any Grindcore fan can appreciate. Septicemia shows Exhumed's melodic side during the second half of the song, once again very Carcass influenced. My personal favorite off of this split is Bone Fucker, which has the sexiest groove I've ever heard.

This is without a doubt my favorite split of all time, solely just for Exhumed's portion. Like I stated earlier, Hemdale's great on here too.... Exhumed is just better. I highly recommend this to any Goregrind/Grindcore fan out there.