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Still The Same Sick Geniuses - 100%

thebaldcadaver99, July 24th, 2011

I cannot express in words how stoked I was when I listened to this album. Exhumed was one of the very first death metal bands that I got started on, and their debut album Gore Metal holds a place in my heart worthy of worship. I love all of Exhumed's work, but I found that I couldn't enjoy any of their later material as much as I enjoyed Gore Metal. That is until I gave All Guts, No Glory a listen.

The opening title track has that signature raw goregrind sound that Exhumed developed in the late 90's that just makes you want to THRASH! And they top it off with some sick ass Kerry King style squealies using the floyd rose. It sounds like something you'd hear off of Gore Metal, but there are elements of Carcass-like melody in many riffs and solos throughout the album. Tracks like "Distorted and Twisted to Form" and "Necrotized," are songs that no old school Exhumed fan can deny. Other tracks that would remind one of Carcass' more melodic material are "Through Cadaver Eyes" and "Dis-assembly Line."

Exhumed perfectly combined their raw goregrind thrashy sound with melodic influences from Necroticism without over doing it or seeming un-creative with the guitar work, which I feel they did on Anatomy Is Destiny and Slaughtercult. They're still the same sick geniuses they've always been, conjuring up amazing song titles such as "So Let It Be Rotten... So Let It Be Done..." which is my personal favorite. This album is amazing, and should be appreciated by any old school Exhumed fan. I know I'm in love with it, and I feel that any other Gore Metal fan will feel the same way.