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So Let It Be Rotten... So Let It Be Done - 100%

goflotsam, October 8th, 2019

Exhumed is one of the defining bands in both death metal and grindcore. They have influential records like Gore Metal and Slaughtercult. However, if you look at the band's contemporary releases, one album stands tall. All Guts, No Glory has all the ingredients for a perfect death metal record. This album displays both brutality and melody in a perfect manner.

It becomes understandable when "As Hammer to Anvil" starts playing with its crunchy guitar riffs and frenetic solos that channel the likes of Heartwork era Carcass, minus the melodeath elements. Ignoring the title track intro, "As Hammer to Anvil" is a perfect song to kick off All Guts, No Glory being relentless in its 3:38 time run. "Through Cadaver Eyes" is another highlight that displays the prominent thrash metal influence on the album. The pause in the middle of the song which transitions into a melodic guitar solo is probably the best moment on All Guts, No Glory. Although, not a highlight, "So Let It Be Rotten... So Let It Be Done" is notable for being an homage to Metallica's "Creeping Death" song. A perfect reference to add for an album that's influenced by thrash metal, although still predominantly death metal.

Death metal isn't usually a genre that's known for having multiple lead vocalists. However, the dual vocal system that Matt Harvey and Leon del Muerte display on this record is fantastic. They utilize this best on "Your Funeral, My Feast", which sounds disgusting and cool at the same time. Wes Caley and Matt Harvey have some of the catchiest guitar riffs on All Guts, No Glory. As expected, the guitar riffs are inspired by Carcass, with "Death Knell" and "Dis-Assembly Line" notably having unique guitar solos which shows that the guitarists have studied their heroes rather well. Danny Walker's drums are all over the place on here. A noteworthy song in particular is "I Rot Within" in which Walker's drum play is at blast beat levels of speed and judging by the pre-chorus riffs, it shows that he's intending on getting mosh pits starting when Exhumed play this song live. The production is also top notch as Matt Harvey made sure that All Guts, No Glory sounds disgusting as it could be.

But then again, I think disgusting music is fun. All Guts, No Glory is a fun record with several mosh pit starters. It may not have grindcore elements like Exhumed's early material, but it makes up for it with an all-killer-no-filler track listing. The most successful "Carcass worship" band in general, I'd recommend All Guts, No Glory as the Exhumed album to begin with. It's definitely worth the listen.