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Exhorder - The Man That Never Was

Good single by this legendary thrash metal band! - 80%

MorbidAtheist666, June 10th, 2022
Written based on this version: 2020, Digital, Nuclear Blast

I’ve been listening to Exhorder since 2005. I only had Slaughter in the Vatican around that point in time and then got the second album as time went by. I remember being a bit surprised when they reformed again, but they never released anything. That was a disappoint that they didn’t churn out anything new when they reformed for the 3rd time. They reformed for the fourth time and decided to record and release stuff by 2019. In 2020, they decided to record and drop a single song called The Man That Never Was.

One of the first things you will listen to is the drumming by Sasha Horn. It starts off a bit fast, but not ultra fast like a speed/thrash metal song. He mostly keeps a mid-paced/somewhat fast paced tempo going on with his drumming throughout most of the song. He doesn’t do anything really technical or fancy with his drumming at all. He is in time perfectly and he doesn’t make a mistake at all with his drumming. His drum kit sounds quite good, I’m liking how the bass drums and cymbals sound.

How are the guitars in this song? In the beginning, the guitarists play a bit fast to go along with the drums. Excellent guitar work by Marzi Montazeri and Vinnie LaBella. The distortion they use sounds quite damn good. They perform great guitar riffs in this song, nothing bad about the guitar riffs at all. They sound a bit technical, listen closely. Complex sounding riffs in this song. There’s a super good guitar solo in this song that starts off with some whammy bar trick. One of those guitarists keeps on using the whammy bar and he puts that whammy bar to good use. How about the bass guitar work by Jason Viebrooks? His bass playing goes well with the guitars. His bass sounds quite heavy and the tone sounds quite damn good. You can definitely hear that tone in the first 30 seconds of the song. It has sort of a bright tone.

How are the vocals in this one? Kyle Thomas sounds fantastic on vocals and he’s one of the best thrash metal vocalists in the the thrash metal scene. He sounds the way he did on the older Exhorder recordings, except his voice has aged. He truly does sound good at the age of 49 (the age he was at the time he recorded this). Of course, vocalists’ vocals do age over time. Some age badly, others age pretty well. His vocals have aged pretty well and I like that.

This is a good single. It’s an enjoyable one. For those who have listened to Exhorder, you’ll probably like this. This one came out after their comeback album. If you enjoyed the comeback album and you haven’t listened to this, you should definitely listen to this soon. Maybe if you didn't like the comeback album, still check out this single. It is worth checking out. Even if you are new to Exhorder, check it out and then check out previous recordings (even the demos, the demos are quite good).