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The first exhibit from the thrash monsters - 71%

HangThePope, August 9th, 2004

This is the first of the two demos Exhorder released in the 80's that Phil Anselmo, apparently, spread like the plague throughout Texas and whilst Anselmo and co. were buffing up their codpieces and teasing their locks, Exhorder were making the first steps towards their breathtaking thrash intensity on Slaughter In The Vatican and The Law.

All the tracks on here are well executed and show a good example of their infancy. The trademark scratchy production is pretty prevalent and the guitar tone is nowhere near the realms of trouser soiling brutality on Slaughter In The Vatican but from the demo its clear to see they were a promising unit.

Bestial Noises lends the demo a dangerous , if somewhat of a cliche, air and Wake The Dead is a steady instrumental which plods and darts away with velocity as does the follow up "Ripping Flesh" which takes a huge leaf out of the Dark Angel book of a "Thousand neck snapping riffs a minute and lightning fast vocals".

The remaining 3 tracks are all competently delivered however Exhorders famed asset of the suffocatingly heavy guitar tone isnt on show and so the tracks lack that extra kick. Without it they sound like another band from that period who tried to recreate their own "Darkness Descends" i.e Sacrifice(Can) , Sadus, Devastation.

Another factor which sets it apart from the Vatican album and The Law is Kyle Thomas's Vocals which are a style very similar to that guy from Sacrifice (Can) and dont really show traces of the unique style he later innovated with and Phil Anselmo if not ripped off, took ENORMOUS cues from.

Overall a half decent first step and theyd improve on their next demo.