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Short and to the point... Brutal! - 94%

crustcorestenchhead9, January 26th, 2008

Execration is a Brutal Death Metal band from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Their first release Infernal Annihilation is a good start for the band.

The CD starts out with the track "No Remorse" it begins with an atmospheric sounding snare drumming in with a sort of militant beat. When the guitars come in its pretty breakdown-ish and then the slaughter begins! Blasting replaces the militant snare beat and a frenzy of low guttural as shit vocals begins. But hear me out, I do mean guttural, it sounds almost as if he's vomiting into the mic! If your into these kinds of vocals they are sure to please. Half way into the song some cool dual vocals come into play and the lead vocalist alternates between the low gutturals and a mid toned growl with the guitarist.

The second track on the demo is called "The Stench of Humanity". This song is much like the first track but possesses more varied and drum patterns.

The final track on the disc is my personal favorite, "Full Fist Sodomy". It starts out with a cool groovy riff to bang your head to and goes into a great riff to stomp your feet to and it makes you feel like its time to hit up the pit. But like I said about track 2, "The Stench of Humanity" the drums become more complex and this trend continues into each song into the demo. This final track has more drum fills and just cool beat variations than any song on the disc. At about 1:40 into the song the brutal killings stop for a bit and an acoustic guitar comes in and some redneck starts to sing "Sodomy-he, Come on everybody! Sodomy-he, Sodomy-he, Sodomy…". This break in the song gives you a good laugh the first few times you hear it and is perfect to keep your attention for the last minute or so of this "Relentless Guttural Brutality" from Colorado Springs, Colorado!

Overall the "Infernal Annihilation" demo is a pretty solid release: Sick drum patterns that alternate between blasts (so this isn‘t jut another blast band, you do have some tight fills and variations) , a cool thick but clicking sounding double bass, awesome guttural vocals, and some real dope artwork.

The downsides would include: The guitar is a little bit too low volume-wise and it's kind of hard to make out everything that is going on. The full length of the CD is just under 10 minutes so it is a bit short, although this could be a good thing. I don't know how long my attention could be held if it were too much longer than this.

Be sure to check this release out and stay listened for their upcoming full-length release which will be entitled “A Feast for the Wretched”.