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Capable, as expected - 58%

Noktorn, June 25th, 2010

This is capable, I guess- US brutal death, exactly the sort you expect to come out of Comatose Music. Unremarkable but technically sound, this is the sort of thing that comes out of mid-level US brutal death labels all the time. As a Comatose release, Execration leans towards the technical side of things, with a penchant for odd timing, technical fills, and nervous, buzzing tremolo riffs in the late Cannibal Corpse vein. Nothing really makes it stand out from the pack of other extremely similar bands- minus the admittedly amusing Family Guy and South Park samples- and while it's not bad I can only recommend it to the most ardent of brutal death fans.

Frankly this doesn't offer anything you haven't heard before on another release, and likely one from Comatose. A low-high vocal attack, fast, predominantly tremolo-based riffing that collapses into sudden sludgy Fleshgrind-style 'grooves', and a sense of ominously pseudo-melodic riffing right off of 'Kill'. The drums blast and chirp away, generally content to rest on standard brutal death arrangements minus the odd spot of unusual time signature here and there, and the band happily buzzes along, fully capable of writing and playing such music. The technical performances are all very solid and the production is powerful, but the songwriting tends to be a little aimless, with a Dyscrasia-like penchant for arrangements of riffs that tend not to go anywhere but faster and more brutal. There's just not a whole lot of creativity here- it's what I'd expect if a computer made a brutal death album.

I guess this is neat if you love everything Comatose/Unmatched Brutality/Unique Leader have ever released, but technical brutal death in this vein doesn't really appeal to me a whole lot anymore minus some notable exceptions (Blasphemer, Infliction). This is fun enough to be worth a few listens but won't continuously appeal to those outside of that little scene. Use that as your buying guide.

Yummy - 99%

chongbong, September 20th, 2008

This album just reeks of brutality. Right from the weird intro with the goats(sheep?) to the last few seconds of 'Penetration Butchery', this album will keep you on your knees, begging for more. This is probably one of the sickest albums ever.

The riffs are brutal and varied, they also sound fresh. The guitarists are quite good, they even have a few solos(yeah, real ones). Every song is planned out well, and never gets boring. They actually sound a little, teenie-weenie bit like the Gorguts pair on Obscura (oh yes, they are insane).

The drummer is a maniac. His continuous bass drumming and his fast blasting just cannot be ignored. Just like the riffs, his patterns are quite varied. He makes sure that every riff is accompanied by good drumming as well.

The bassist is from Monstrosity, so what do you expect? He can barely be heard, but when he can, he sounds good.

The vocals are just like the riffs. Brutal and varied. There are two vocalists in the band anyway and two guests, but the vocals always sound good. There are quite a few sick grunts to be heard.

All in all, this album is nearly perfect. If you like death metal in the vein of Deeds of Flesh, Gorguts and Disgorge - check this album out. You will not be disappointed.