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No Need For Excuses - 86%

fengarm, November 10th, 2017

"Goddess Injustice" was the first release by Excuse that really caught my attention because with this EP I realized that those guys were onto something special. Compared to their two previous outings, this one shows a great leap in quality and versatility of their songwriting, featuring more complex structures than before, memorable riffing and a good ear for the tasty proportion of shredding and melody.

While not one of the most original speed/thrash metal releases I’ve heard, they do know how to keep things fresh throughout by incorporating just enough interesting elements into the tracks, of which especially noteworthy are the synthesizer parts like the intro of the opening song "Obsessed... With the Collapse of Civilization". And although the music sounds stylistically exactly like something from the 80’s, it is not too reminiscent of any specific bands – you could recall the vibe of Slayer, Sodom and Razor all you want, but it never falls into the tribute category. In that respect Excuse puts a quite surprising delicacy on the already well laid table of old school thrash.

Having seen them live, I’m convinced that they play remarkably well together (one of the tightest thrash metal performances I’ve witnessed) and thus are qualified to record in an analog studio – and they actually did. No doubt it was a right choice because the authentic vintage warm and dynamic sound supports this kind of music quite a bit. I find one of the most common problems of modern thrash being that bands tend to process and polish their sound to an extent where it becomes sterile and uninteresting as all unique aspects of a performance are eliminated. The more refreshing it is to hear a song like “Baphomet”, where, for example, they keep the random muted string noise in the intro.

Only thing bothering me and keeping me from giving a rating of 90% is the choice to put a “Dawn Patrol-ish” short bass track “Invitation From Beyond” on here. The song/clip doesn’t offer much and although it might have been meant to serve as breathing room between two full on thrash songs, I don’t think a short EP like this needs it. It even doesn't flow into the next song very naturally.

Anyway, the main material presented here never gets boring. On the contrary, left me wanting for more and I have a hyped feeling that they have a lot of killer stuff to offer on their upcoming full-length. Listen to “Goddess Injustice” if you love old school thrash metal that stays true to the roots of the style and has a great youthful drive to it while also featuring enough diversity and clever compositions.