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Classic Riffs from Finland - 85%

trebuchetmetal, April 25th, 2013

There are no excuses with this band when it comes to riffs and melody, they have found a way to bridge the aggressiveness of Kreator with the riff heaven that was early 80's metal and the melodic tones of "Kill 'Em All" Metallica. With such a great history of Thrash from Finland, these new comers bring flavor and charm to an already stagnated genre resurgence that ends up standing apart from most of the UK thrashers and the Death/Thrash style that most new guys are stomping out. Vendetta is a nice comparison, the way the guitars guide the songs, the biggest stand out of the band by far. The vocals remind me of a less aggressive Petrozza mixed with some of Vendetta's infectious melodies; I can tell that German thrash was an influence.

The stand out songs on this demo are definitely "Excuse" which if released in 1983-84, would have fit right it, the way the riffs flow, it is more in line with the great NWOBHM era than the blistering speed of some of the later releases of thrash. the song "Pray until you Die" has an infectious main riff that is sure to get you up and slamming your fists in the air, the song really shines when it descends into its bridge, it saves an otherwise monotonous song by waking your senses and giving your neck a break, as it jumps back into the main riff you are forced to start up your windmill again, an excellent song to headbang to. The seven minute epic "Balance of Terror" is my favorite song of the demo, there is just something about the melodic tone of the guitar mixed with the lead singer’s voice together with a great melody for the lyrics that allows everything to meld together and form a classic thrash song. It reminds me so much of the best parts of early Vendetta, the lyrics are great, dealing with strong themes of war, you can hear the vocalist's belief in the lyrics, making it stand out particularly well, his best vocal track on the demo. The guitars are absolutely brilliant as they rip riff after riff of thrash goodness onto your face, the guitar solo is a beautiful, it is arranged perfectly and makes your ears do a double take, I found myself repeating it for an hour, like the first time I heard "Heathen's Song" by Heathen, one of my favorite solos of 2013.

Overall, this demo brings no new ideas to the thrash genre, it does not really form a complete package with all five songs on the demo, but it does bring a refreshing break from all the other thrash songs being released, and an increased attention to melody, which is nice to hear in 2013. If you are looking for a band that can bring classic metal riffing together with amazing lyrics packaged with a tinge of new school thrash, Excuse has your ass covered.