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Old School Death from Sweden - 78%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, May 28th, 2008

Excruciate belong to those kind of bands that never reached the hoped and deserved success. The scene in Sweden at the period was incredibly crowdy of new bands that wanted to follow the path of Entombed, Grave, Dismember and Unleashed. Some of them were luckier but they never reached that level of popularity the other ones have. The classic examples were Carnage or Crematory. They always remained in sort of “cult status” that, more simply, could be seen as an underground one.

These Excruciate follow more or less the same kind of music that was being spread in that country. This demo is their first effort and it’s a good power demonstration by a band that often plays very fast with dynamic up tempo/blast beats interrupted with doom sections to let the listener take a breath. The doom passages remind me the early Master’s one and also the guitars tune is very similar and more American than Swedish. The vocals are the classic growly ones.

“Inhumanation Postnatal” features a thrash/death metal mid paced beginning to flow in blast beats parts with sudden down tempos. Sometimes the guitars play galloping riffs instead of being simply on tremolo picking on the power chords. The atmosphere is cold, almost chirurgical and the main influences can be found in groups like early Carcass for the blast beats and the gore attitude/lyrics, while for the doom passages, the old death/doom bands were essential. Anyway, there is also a good thrash charge on these songs, to make them faster in the riffage and more structured with lots of tempo changes.

Is good to notice how they prefer the blast beats instead of the classic up tempo, with sudden mid paced parts. There are few parts that can be placed exactly between these two kinds of tempo, and that is the main characteristic of this band, that we can find also in their debut LP. All in all, this demo is recommended to the old fashioned metal fans with a predilection for the fast death metal.