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Two good tracks and the rest just filler - 47%

Visionary, September 21st, 2009

By 1994 Death Metal had been flooded with bands and bands were either splitting up or were beginning to experiment with new sounds. So, unfortunately Excrement was a little late in getting this EP out and this was the last thing they ever released. Excrement play a very punk oriented form of death metal, which is very much unlike what the rest of the stuff Finland was producing at this time.

Excrement is quite amateurish sounding in pretty much all categories. First of all the production is quite poor with the snare drum way far forward in the mix and drowning out the muddy, distant rhythm guitar for much of the duration. The leads are quite good, though a bit simplistic. Unfortunately they are only any good on the tracks, Sleep and Distortion where it is quite Slavic oriented in arrangements. The drummer just bangs on the snare in a mid tempo for the duration of the EP. Occasionally he will go through some short blasting periods. The same goes for the bass drum, which has a bit of an out of place triggered sound and is hard to discern at times from the muddy production. The vocals are punkish shouts in a slight choking style instead of your typical grunting.

Overall the first half of the release is not very good. Sleep and Distortion are both very enjoyable tracks though still a little on the amateur side of things and this EP is worth listening to just for these two. Covered with Feces has some enjoyable moments and has a bit of a thrashy vibe going on but just lacks in any intensity, except for the occasional moment. This EP is not worth the effort in acquiring except for die-hard collectors.