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A self-titled album that literally says "Exciter" - 75%

Xeogred, July 13th, 2007

It almost seems like a random move, but after four solid releases Exciter decides to simply title their fifth album Exciter, as if it were the one and only - thee very definition of what it means to be Exciter. Its solid speed metal boosting into extreme speeds mixed in with your usual mid-paced and almost hard rock-like songs that were always randomly thrown in with their previous releases as well. This is it, the way of Exciter.


The only real difference here compared to their previous releases is the production. Its actually quite good and far more consistent than ever before, though still retains a lot of that rawness that was all over their other material. Even Kill after Kill which was released four years after this album seemed to take another slip back into sloppy mixing and drowned out quality. That makes this album quite possibly Exciter's best produced release out of their nicely sized discography. Almost the only merit here earning this album a real recommendation over their first albums.

Its not that this album isn't as good as their previous releases, but its just that this is purely Exciter and absolutely nothing else. They never seemed to take their formula to any new heights after their first two, or three albums. Unless you're just a diehard fan of this type of stuff you're probably going to notice a lot of repitition here. Scream Bloody Murder starts things off with an interesting opening and jumps back on the speed metal road riding out with an undeniably catchy chorus. Just like Heavy Metal Maniac, Violence & Force, Long Live the Loud, and Break Down the Walls did before it. There isn't much inspiration to find here and at times it makes it seem like the energy just isn't there like it was before.

Overall this is still a worthy album for a variety of metal fans. The solo's are excellent, the faster songs are extremely catchy, the slower ones don't seem worthless, and Dan Beehler's hard to love vocals are completely over the top at times (possibly his clearest performance). If you go in expecting "good ol' Exciter" like I did, you'll probably have a blast with this. But if you listen to this expecting something fresh and new you may end up being disappointed. Its hard to recommend this album if you've already heard some of their other stuff because of that. The term "once you've heard one you've heard them all" could probably be thrown around here. But hey, if you still somehow haven't heard anything from the band, this wouldn't be a bad place to start.