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Rammstein / Pixies crossover! - 80%

drengskap, April 30th, 2007

Ewigheim (‘Eternal Home’) is a two-member ensemble from Germany, and Heimwege is their second album, following 2002’s debut Mord nicht ohne Grund. The album opens with ‘Vorspiel’, a gentle, meditative piano-and-guitar intro with a lilting melody, before the stately and bombastic ‘Das Rad Der Käfer’ (‘The Wheel of the Beetle’). Heimwege really takes off, though, with the third track, ‘Der Tanz Der Motten’ (‘Dance of the Moths’). Here’s a little imaginative exercise for you: imagine the swelling, surging riffs of ‘Wave of Mutilation’-era Pixies harnessed to the Teutonic mosh generator of Rammstein. Next, imagine that this unlikely-sounding combination is about a thousand times better than you think it might be. Then you will have some idea of the awesome might of ‘Der Tanz Der Motten’, for lo, dude, this song absolutely rocks! This is the most surprising (and yet not unwelcome) burst of Pixies-ness to reach this reviewer’s ears since ‘The Claws of Time’ from Darkthrone’s 1999 album Ravishing Grimness. The remainder of Heimwege is good too, and there’s a return to Pixies-style surf riffs on the epic rocker ‘Humus Humanus’, but the third song is the pick of the bunch as far as I’m concerned. There is an mp3 excerpt from ‘Der Tanz Der Motten’ available on the Prophecy website (at least, there was at the time of writing), and I strongly urge you to check it out.

‘Mondtier’ is quieter and less triumphal, with a funereal organ melody, whilst ‘Lieb in Laub’ progressively builds in volume and insistence. ‘Der Prophet’ plays off dirty-sounding whispered vocals against massive, crashing choruses incorporating extracts from opera and orchestral choral works – this is a real production number. ‘Odem’ is a quiet, melancholy Lieder with piano, vocals and understated violin. Finally, ‘Heimweg’ (‘The Way Home’) closes the album on a rousing and anthemic note before returning to the simple piano melody with which the album opened.

Yantit, one of the madmen behind Ewigheim, promises listeners of Heimwege

…the most beautiful soundtrack to their death imaginable. Soon, you shall enjoy total grief laced with a pinch of hope and a generous splash of death…

So if this sounds good to you, you know what to do. Heimwege is also available in a deluxe digipak edition with a four-track bonus CD, but sadly I didn’t snag one of those for review, so I can’t tell you about the extra tracks. With any luck, it’ll be four remixes of ‘Der Tanz Der Motten’!