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Horribly bland, idiotic and disappointing - 17%

CannibalCorpse, September 24th, 2006

I tried Evol's first demo "The Tale of the Horned King" because I read about how early Rotting Christ influenced Evol's early work. I had high hopes, since I'm an avid fan of the Greek Black metal scene and I expected something similar to the early works of my beloved Greeks.

Well, the only thing Evol share with Rotting Christ is the spoken interludes (like the one that appears in "Exiled Archangel" and in some of the earlier songs) but they can't pull it off. Their "singer"(talker?) has an incredibly bad voice, he sounds like a child with a throat infection. He's spewing out some H.P. Lovecraft lyrics over some dumb infantile keyboard "melody". Wouldn't be so bad, if the demo actually had something else to offer. Sadly, it doesn't. There's not much guitar work to be found, most of it is in the shortest (and best) song "Sorrow of the Witch", it even manages to have some half-assed riffage.

I've just listened to this steaming pile again a few minutes ago and I can't even remember one drumbeat. Is that a sign?

There really isn't anything of worth on this release, so I advice you not to try this.
It's not as bad as St. Anger, but that it even comes a bit close is a horrible sign of valuelessness. This is not even metal at all; it's just a bit of dumb chanting over some idiotic keyboard lines and a few "riffs" that even your grandma could play. Avoid.