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Through Mysteries and Magic Once Again... - 91%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, June 2nd, 2008

Dreamquest is the second chapter by Evol about their enchanted land, full of mysteries and magic. These musicians already proved us their unique style in their debut, The Saga Of The Horned King and with this album we can find again the same influences from fantasy, occultism and horror music through black metal parts and long atmospheric breaks. The structures are more mature now, and better done but the style is the same and the trademark is unvaried.

The intro is by a female vocals in Italian, explaining you what you’ll meet during this quest, through strange places and horror creatures, in the kingdom of the eternal night. Few synth sounds with medieval/horror melodies are enough to give the right atmosphere. From now on, during this journey, the various chapters are divided between instrumental, atmospheric songs and black metal ones that run after each other with a great, evocative atmosphere.

“Sad Doom Of A Dark Soul” is full of melodies and dreaming arpeggios, even if it features heavier guitars tune parts and black shrieks. That’s the greatness of this band to me. The howling of a wolf introduces us into a garden where the birds are singing and this is the only sound, along with the one created by the flowing water of a small river. The keyboards in this “Sona Nyl” song are very important: they can pass easily from the dramatic tone to a more romantic and enchanted one. “Flying Of The Night Gaunts” song is easily one of the fastest here with drums up tempo, but the melodies always resist through female and male clean chorus and epic passages. The black metal base is by the guitars and the evil vocals.

In addiction to the excellent music, the production is very good and clean. It was essential for Evol having good sounds to embrace all these kinds of music and instruments. It was not easy to exalt all of them but the goal was achieved greatly. So, here we go again through the different melodies of the instrumentals “Celephais” or “Sarkomand” and “Chaturia”, that are more than simple breaks between the most black metal oriented songs, but also great atmospheric seals. The greatness of Evol consists mostly in bringing to life their enchanted lands and their mysteries in every single song, without caring if it’s instrumental or sung.

Melodies in fast successions, black metal breaks, doom passages, whispered vocals, mysteries, acoustic parts, sounds of animals or the perfumes of a wood, the night in a castle…all these things come to life thanks to this great band that once again accompanied us to dream in a land we all wish was real…and we can make it real, through their music in our minds. Poetry in music.