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Loss for words - 100%

Kruhl, January 30th, 2008

This album is the most utterly dark and brutal thing I have ever heard... ever. When I first was shown Evoken by one of my friends, I could hardly get into it because it was slower than I was used to... much slower. Then again, it's Funeral Death Metal. Eventually, I was able to sit down and give it many listens on end... took several hours. This is what I have to say:

Wow... this was nothing short of one of the greatest albums I have ever heard, and probably ever will hear. It's just so dark and brutal. Normally, I don't dream. Normally, I feel like I'm in a void when I sleep. However, on the night I gave this album its first listen, I was utterly plagued with nightmares and could not sleep. This came as a shock as most music can't usually invoke such emotion within me... this did it. Just... the hollow feel to it... like it was recorded in some sort of Hell on this Earth. It seemed to be wrenching my life from my grasp with every passing second.

From the first hate and sorrow drenched second of "In Pestilence, Burning" all the way through the very last soul destroying moment of "Atrementous Journey" I felt like everything I had known as dark before seemed to be covered in light. Nothing can compare to the utter hatred and sorrow invoked by this album's songs. The production quality is one of the most important parts of this album. Everything sounds hollow and foggy and atmospheric.

This album is by far the most personal album I've ever heard, in that it changed my very thought process. I can't think without covering the thought in darkness. It's definitely worth the time you put into listening to it.