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The ultimate release from life through music. - 100%

Kishmakay, May 18th, 2005

Evoken are the type of band that sometimes you think that is so dark, evil and black that it may bring you bad luck just for listening to their albums. Curiously my mom died a few days after I listened to "Quietus" for the first time. That happened three months ago and right before the sad event I had this very feeling in mind. "Man... this is so evil.. so black that it must attract bad things". Sadly curious indeed.

I am used to Doom Metal and Death Metal. I listen to a lot of evil things. I mean... really evil. Or I thought so until I discovered Evoken.

Following the tradition of all Evoken releases the album is drenched in a sad, foggy, and funereal atmosphere. The songs are long, very rich in details and extremely slow paced. The melodies are sad, dissonant and very romantic. Almost like Byron's poetry declaimed by instruments in very low tones. The vocals are very emotive, mostly guttural but sometimes clear and sad. The guitars are highly distorted and heavy but the excellent production assures everything is perfectly comprehensible.

The keyboards play a major role in adding atmosphere and space to the sound. They are in the exact measure and played with very good taste. There are no inappropriate notes and everything appears when supposed to.

Even though the tempo is quite regular and slow, the sound is overall constructed with great creativity and carefully detailed, making Evoken (in my humble opinion) far superior than Thergothon, for instance, in that specific issue.


This is desperation taken to the next level. I think it transcends Doom Metal. It is something new, something worse.

I simply cannot just put in words how amplified were these feelings after my mother's death.

This album is like travelling through the netherworld. It is a glimpse of the afterlife made sound. If you are into darkness and Doom Metal and want to know what lies beyond buy this album.

This is an ode to death. The ultimate release from life through music.
Try listening to this album right after your mother's demise. You will feel like walking beside her through the paths of the dead. Crossing the gates of this world into the next.

Just make sure that there are no windows nearby.