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Prognostication of future Swedish death metal?? - 85%

stabwounds, April 11th, 2009

When a reformed Swedish old school death metal band puts out its debut album [after a decade of hiatus], it was very natural for me to have this thick and heavy slice of Swedish offering. One look at the album artwork and it wont take much time for an old school death metal admirer to speculate the mastermind behind it. No prizes for you, if you guessed it was Dan Seagrave! It is a typical Dan Seagrave creation which is highly detailed [and highly admirable!]

The opening track 'Eternal Lie' unfolds with cavernous grunts and a bleak atmosphere in the background. The reverberating cavernous grunts leads into the next track 'the dead'[which was featured on 'Metal Crusade Vol. XIII'] The relentless drumming begins with churning guitar riffs and killer growls unleashing the band's fury, clearly declaring their intentions and making the listener to shed his inhibitions [If they had sneaked-up on listener's mind whether the band has lost its aggression on the account of band's hiatus]. 'The dead' is characterized with good tempo changes and paints a clear picture of what to expect ahead. 'Chronic Hell' is my 'pick of the bunch' from the album, the chugging guitars and tasteful drumming conflates this track into an invitation to frantic headbanging and ends with a decent solo. 'Greed' sparks off from where 'Chronic Hell' has ended. The main riff on this track is very catchy and ends with some obstreperous drumming. 'From Menace to Mayhem', 'Blessed Upon the Altar', are decent makeweights. 'Feed the Fire' brings back this album to life, an intense track with amazing solo and the fire-breathing vocalist's insistent demonic screams of 'Feed the fire.... Feed the fire' is a treat to listen. 'The Symbols of Sins' is another filler. 'Phase of Fear' is aptly titled as it has a phase which has some doomy moments and makes an interesting listen. 'Veils Were Blown' is another decent composition with a juicy solo and ends with a blood-chilling scream. 'But Life Goes On' is an Entombed track, covered with elan by Evocation. 'The More We Bleed' is the last and lengthiest track of the album, which starts off aggressively, has a lengthy instrumental passage with a doomy solo and eventually fades away into a droning noise.

Tales from the tomb surely gets my 'seal of approval' and sits pretty high on my 'list of metal albums with good re-listening value' This album might not have anything new to gasconade, but it is done tastefully. Another tributary flows into the mighty ocean of Swedish death metal...