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Mmmm Swedish. - 77%

Andromeda_Unchained, November 3rd, 2011

This is the third full-length from Sweden's Evocation, and was my introduction to the band. They play the kind of death metal we've come to expect from their country, and boast a subtle blend of the Stockholm and Gothenburg sounds, although leaning further towards the Stockholm sound. The album has a massive Indecent & Obscene feel to it which is great (and not to mention one of my favorite Dismember albums).

Evocation do not break any new ground with Apocalyptic, but I feel they don't deserve to be penalized for any lack of originality. The album kicks a lot of back-side, and sounds relevant to appeal to both old school death metal and melodic death metal fans. While the sound might be a little cleaner than it should be (I would have preferred a rawer guitar tone), it doesn't detract from my enjoyment. There is a lot of quality material here, with face-splitters such as "Psychosis Warfare", "Curse on the Creature" and the awesome opener "Sweet Obsession" Evocation boasts enough ammunition to slay you for weeks. Recommended.

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