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Swedish Death Metal Is not dead yet. - 99%

AndreisReaper, December 28th, 2010

Evocation deserve to be bigger than they are. The band is a relentless machine of creativity and stamina, they have been struggling for almost 20 years, only missing their original bassist and the albums of 3 years have been pure gems of death metal supremacy.

Apocalyptic, in my blatantly elitist opinion, is the best so far. The album borders on melodeath but this does not affect the overall crush of the music. It also hosts some blatantly black composition, such as the intro riff for the track, 'parasites'. Song structure is impressive the entire way through, this album offers you no respite from beginning to end.
My track of choice would be the song "we are unified insane", this song in particular (for me at least) holds the strongest chorus section on the album and the solo at the 2 minute mark can only be described as Scandinavian in it's superiority.

To make this short and sweet, this album is a must buy for any fan of At The Gates, heartwork era Carcass and Grave. For those of us who like our metal crushing yet melodic, go forth and procure this album, you will not regret it.