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Eviscerated - Rituals of Reanimation - 80%

Phuling, April 19th, 2008

I was quite intrigued when I first heard of this young band and their debut demo, and I was thrilled the day it arrived in my mailbox and I could finally give it a listen.

Despite weak production Eviscerated manages to deliver three tracks of powerful old school death metal, drawing some of the greats to mind; older Morbid Angel, Nominon, Nihilist and even Paganizer. Not a bad bunch to be compared to. It’s not overly technical, the tempo remains fairly slow most of the time and the guitarwork just reeks of the grimmest old school and marvellous growls, fitting the theme perfectly. But the demo lacks some tightness every once in a while. Though I gotta say I really don’t give a rats arse. This is definitely the way I want my old school – bloody raw horror! And the organ in Satanico Pandemonium gives it such a cool mystical edge. Highly recommended! I’m not at all surprised they’ve been signed by the almighty Razorback Records for the release of their debut fullength, and coming is also a 7” on the killer Swedish label Blood Harvest. Eviscerated is definitely on a roll!

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