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Evilfeast - Funeral Sorcery

Verloren im Nebel. - 94%

mindshadow, June 1st, 2011

Symphonic, majestic, regal, ancient, dark and powerful yet chaotic are words that instantly spring to mind when ever I listen to Evilfeast. Strange name I almost didn't bother checking this one man band from Poland out - how good could a black metal band called "Evilfeast" really be? Very good as it happens, sumblime - the epitome of all I long for in my never ending quest for new black metal delights and haunting soundscapes.
If you have a short attention span or are looking for more of a quick fix in your music choices you'd best look elsewhere because Grimspirit has a penchant for creating long multi-layered compositions. The shortest track on Funeral Sorcery is a shade under seven minutes, the longest a whopping thirteen minutes and thirty seven seconds!
There's so much going on it's like being caught between the most furious outbursts of Paysage d'Hiver together with one of Forest Silence's uniquely atmospheric keyboard projects.
I mentioned atmosphere above and this release is dripping with it, sludgy down tuned guitar melodies with bombastic blast beats from drumming that could herald the apocalypse. Cymbals add to the cacophony.

Flames fluttering, water dripping and a mans detached other wordly mutterings can be heard in brief periods of respite before this maelstrom rumbles on. Hmm definition of maelstrom:

1. A violent or turbulent situation: caught in the maelstrom of war.
2. A whirlpool of extraordinary size or violence.

Something's missing...

1. A violent or turbulent situation: caught in the maelstrom of war.
2. A whirlpool of extraordinary size or violence.
3. A sonic soundscape by Polish augurer Grimspirit.

As I sit here transfixed it wouldn't be hard to imagine something malevolent being summoned from some portal mankind really doesn't want to open, for all his inquisitiveness and folly to meddle in affairs other than his own. I really don't think we're ready to witness Grimspirits monster ID. Dr. Morbius would be horrified though more than a little proud of his progeny I would imagine.

The vocals on Funeral Sorcery are mainly cold and harsh with occasional venomous shouts and shrieks. The whole recording sounds like it was mixed in some under ground cavern, some catherdral sized cavern.
Halfway through the closing track - Im Schatten der Majest├Ąt des Eistodes (In the shadow of the majesty of Eistodes) bird song can be heard together with the piercing cry of an eagle, running water presumably from a stream, and melodic keyboards play over an almost distant sounding whispering. The keyboards rise majestically and we can hear the wind as if from inside a tunnel, or entrance. The melody softly fades before those dissonant guitars return and invade our consciousness, unrelenting in their demand to usurp all else, only the dirge like drums and Grimspirits proclamations are allowed to be heard.

The almost hour of play time is over, chanting choral voices herald the end together with those mournful church bells ringing through a "Pea-souper" of fog that has descended outside without my even realising. It has turned cold and I can see my breath. I must light a fire, as I catch sight of my reflection my palour has changed, dark eyes stare emotionally back in a face drained of colour. Looking closer the movements no longer mimic my own and a bony hand raises, unfurling fingers more like claws... beckoning.

Beckoning me.