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Goofy Ass Cover, But... - 85%

corviderrant, April 8th, 2006

While this came out by the ending of the US thrash glut, meaning it was hard to differentiate which band was which by that time, but somehow Evildead stood out. Maybe it was the fact that they were faster and more vicious than the legions of Bay Area Metallica clones clogging the arteries of the scene (and I listened to a few of those, trust me). Maybe it was the fact their guitarists knew how to shred riffs and leads equally well--no surprise, seeing as how Juan Garcia of Agent Steel was one of 'em. Whatever the case, these boys were damn good.

Phil Flores' high-pitched snarl was limited and best suited to high-speed spitting out of lyrics more than anything else. But at his best he certainly sounded mean and angry. And the music was like a boot to the head to say the least; Rob Alaniz' drumming was fantastic, tight, furious, and keeping the band-machine on overdrive most of the album. Again, the guitar tandem of Garcia and Albert Gonzales are top notch, whipping out wailing solos alongside stunning riffs at those velocities. Mel Sanchez even gets in some licks here and there with a growling distorted bass tone.

Standouts: "F.C.I./The Awakening" (any song based off of "Evil Dead" is OK with me) with its sweet harmony guitar leads exploding into thrashing frenzy, "Parricide", "Living Good", "Future Shock", even "BOHICA" lays it down harder than most bands did back then--and that was their novelty song! The first half of the album tends to be the stronger, but the album still holds up well after what, 17 years now? New school thrashers need to discover this unsung band to get a better feel for their chosen field as opposed to rehashing Slayer riffs for the umpty-eighth time.