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A Decent Record - 78%

Human666, April 3rd, 2007

'Annihilation Of Civilization' is a pretty energetic album, but it lacks a bit in some interesting leading guitars and powerful riffs, though it has some great moments.
Back then in 1989 there were so much thrash bands out there which sounded like an imitation for the pioneers of the genre. Well, I can't say that 'EvilDead' brought something new with them, they even reminds me 'Testament' here and there, but still they created a good album which I really enjoyed and hope that you too.

This album isn't a tripping one, it keeps on a fast tempo but it isn't fast as 'Reign In Blood' or 'Darkness Descends' for instance. The production is pretty good, there aren't any interruptions in the sound, the guitars sounds solid and it doesn't struggles with the drums to be heard. It's sounds like a well produced album, not like an underground demo which recored with budge of 10 dollar. Everything sounds clear and shape as it should be.

'F.C.I/The Awakening' begins with a sample from the horror movie 'Evil Dead', the source for the band's name. Then the song begins with a cool riff and a nice leading guitar. The vocals are pretty intense and sounds like a hardcore kinda vocals with a flesh of thrash metal. Phil Flores doesn't vary his vocals even a bit, but it sounds great for this album and I really like it. First track is great, the second is awesome! 'Annihilation of Civilization' begins with a middle eastern riff and then it changes mood to a kicking ass thrashing metal. It's a pretty catchy song with a straightforward and blazing chorus, the riffs are pretty good and it's the best song here. 'Living Good' sounds a bit dull, nothing special here, just some average riffing and decent vocals. 'Future Shock' is a nice track with some outstanding riffs and good leads here and there, but it isn't really brilliant. 'Holy Trials' begins pretty chilled down but not for a long. I thought it's gonna be the 'ballad' of the album but nope, it becomes a real killer as it continues and it's a great track with intense riffs and vocals. The close track, B.O.H.I.C.A is a totally killer track! the riffs are merciless and when they shouting ''Bend over here it comes again!'' it just sounds catchy and superb hymn. The lead breaks are also pretty cool and increases a touch of aggression into's just an overwhelming and fast ending [1:56 minutes] and a badass one.

So this album has some weak spots, some boring moments here and there and some dull riffs. But all in all it's a great thrash album which definitely worth your attention if you look for some great 80's thrash albums. I like it and listened to it more than a month, it isn't such a brilliant album but it has something which always attracts you to listen to it again and again.