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Great album by an overlooked thrash band - 80%

CryOfMankind, July 14th, 2004

EvilDead was a very short lived band that started when guitarist Juan Garcia’s previous band ‘Agent Steel’ broke up. During the bands career they put out two studio albums, one live album and an EP all of which were very standard thrash albums besides “Annihilation of Civilization”, the bands first full-length album.
The strength of “Annihilation of Civilization” and what makes it stand above their other releases, lies in the guitar riffs done by Alber Gonzales and Juan Garcia. Songs such as “F.C.I./The Awakening” “Living Good” “Future Shock” and “Annihilation of Civilization” showcase fast, brutal and, dark guitar riffs. “Holy Trials” displays variety and a little change in pace in the album starting off with a very melodic acoustic beginning, it then picks the pace up again and breaks into thrash. “Parricide” is another great song that starts off with Gonzales and Garcia trading off riffs which creates a very cool sound as the riffs transfer from the left stereo to the right.
The bass on this particular album is often inaudible and when you can hear it on songs such as “Parricide” and “Living Good” it is nothing special. Also pretty standard on this album are the vocals done by Phil Flores and the drumming done by Rob Alaniz, they are not bad by any means but are nothing that stand out.
This album is no “Darkness Descends” or “Coma of Souls” but it is a very strong thrash album that anyone who listens to the style of music should definitely check out.