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Madness caught another victim! - 95%

WhisperingGloom, March 24th, 2005

I’m not a huge fan of progressive and dark/gothic metal. Granted there are a few bands from those genres that catch my attention. And Sweden’s Evergrey are one of those bands. A friend of mine sent me this album by them a long time ago. I listened to it and never really got into it all that much. I thought a few songs from it were pretty good. So I just burnt it off and left it in a pile with my other CD’s. And after not listening to it for quite some time, I took it out and listened once again. I have no idea why I didn’t like it before. This album was really well done. It's not perfect, but it's not far off.

These guys pour a lot of energy and emotion into their music, which really shows up in some of the songs on this album, mostly through the lyrics and the vocals. They just have this captivating way about them and that draw you into Evergrey’s dark little world. It’s quite interesting to read the lyrics. Their lyrical subjects are not just on the same old dark/gothic themes; love, romance, suicide, heartbreak… etc. These guys also deal with stuff like inner turmoil, decisions, darkness, and other very personal subjects which can appeal to a lot of people, even people outside of the metal genre.

The lyrics are quite emotional at times, especially when Tom Englund is singing his ass off during the chorus’. He has a very good voice and can really hit some interesting notes that not a lot of male singers are capable of doing without hurting themselves. But he doesn’t have one of those cheesy 80’s power metal/progressive metal voices that get under your skin right away and force you to stop listening. He has a genuine voice which adds a nice element to the music. His singing voice is actually very soothing at times, but can also be ferocious and brutal (even without the screaming!), which is something I like about these guys. I don’t like a lot of people who just straight out sing for whole albums, but I dig Tom’s voice quite a bit.

But the lyrics and vocals aren’t the only amazing thing this album has to offer. The guitar work is really good too. It has some very nice leads, emotional breaks and just all out ass kicking riffs that progressive metal is capable of having. It’s quite different from the normal black and doom metal music I generally listen to, where a lot of the times the guitar work is quite minimal. But this album is quite refreshing because of the guitar work. I really enjoy sitting down and just listening to it and just chilling out to the guitar work. It’s not something I like to confess a lot, but it’s true… haha.

A lot of the songs on this album are catchy as hell, which is a big bonus. They found a good formula and used it to the maximum on this album. After I listened to this album by Evergrey, I went and checked out the rest of their stuff. I wasn’t overly impressed by them. I thought they had some really good songs, but this album (Recreation Day) is easily the best thing these guys have ever released in their career! If you only buy/get one album by Evergrey, this is the one to get. This album is their best.

The album has some nice keyboard/piano work too. The piano fits in well with the emotional nature of a lot of the songs and adds a beautiful feeling to them. I never really liked straight up piano parts in metal music, but it fits here. And then there are the keyboards. They keyboards are very well done on this album. They’re not overbearing at all… I know a lot of people hate that in metal. But the keyboards are done flawlessly and beautifully. Definitely a good thing!

The drums on this album are decent. They’re nothing overly special. In a lot of progressive metal, the drummers tend to just go balls out technicality in every song… *cough* Dream Theater *cough* As you can tell, I don’t like them, but that’s a different story all together. The drums on this album are fast when they need to be, and they just play in the background and keep the rhythm when necessary as well.

So yeah, Evergrey had a great thing going with this album. It’s easily my favorite album by them. It’s not perfect, but it’s not far off. I highly doubt they’ll ever release another album like this, so treasure this one people. It’s a gem!

3 Favorite Tracks: As I Lie Here Bleeding, Recreation Day, Fragments