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Best. Prog/Power. EVER. - 99%

OSheaman, August 16th, 2003

This is it, boys and girls. Symphony X can go fuck themselves--the award for best Prog/Power album ever goes right here, to Evergrey for Recreation Day.

Holy shit. That basically sums up this album. Everything about it is exactly as it should be. The riffs are crunchy and huge as hell, and the bass line is incredibly catchy. The drum work is ridiculously good (as is to be expected with any band with "prog" in their description) and the vocals are basically pretty good, although sometimes the slower vocals don't quite work. Back to the guitars, though. The riffs rule. The riffs rock. The riffs ride the lightning. The riffs kill 'em all. The riff eat your motherfucking dog and spit out its bones in your face. You will be thrashing like a little baby having a seizure with this puppy on. In fact, this is the most headbang-able album in the world, bar none. In addition to the pure riffage, we have some excellent guitar soloing that doesn't wank all the fuck over the place--it just keeps you firmly entrenched in the music. Incredible.

The Great Deceiver is a cool song, but who cares? The important song on here is End of Your Days which is, and I write this in capitals for the benefit of those skimming the review, THE MOST HEADBANG-ABLE SONG IN ALL OF METAL, if a bit inconsistent with that title. It does contain THE BEST RIFFSET IN ALL OF METAL, which is probably why it's so headbang-able. The song starts out with some weird wanky shit and some incredible use of timing as you realize the drums are doing an entirely different rhythm from the guitars, yet it *still works*, which is pretty cool, but then at 0:16 it all comes together and we get THE BEST RIFFSET IN ALL OF METAL, and yes, it beats out the one in Hallowed Be Thy Name (though just fucking barely, and the rest of the song can't compare to Hallowed Be Thy Name, which is, of course, THE BEST FUCKING SONG IN ALL OF METAL). Back to End of Your Days. The riffset is God Almighty and it is physically impossible to not headbang to this riff without the assistance of a very sturdy neck brace. buh BUM BUM buh DUM BUM ba da BUM BUM ba da BADABADUHBADA buh BUM BUM buh DUM BUM ba da *BUM* BUM ba da BADABADUHBADA! *headbangs* You'll be headbanging to this bitch in no time, I assure you. It's the shit. Then, all of a sudden, the beat drops and the vocalist comes in, and you're thinking, what the fuck? what happened to that riff. Eventually you'll start headbanging again as the beat comes back, first slowly and then more at the normal speed. Then you hit the chorus and you're headbanging away again, and then they do the solo all sneaky and quiet and you're tapping your foot and doing tiny little headbangs and thinking "Holy Shit, this song has some *class* shit," and then the riff gets a little louder as it's picked up by the keyboard and you're doing a little more headbanging, and then it grows into that other guitar riff in the song as a very cool keyboard solo comes in, and then you start doing some more headbanging with the vocals again, and then the song kinda enters into a lull as the riffs pound the fuck away and everything else gets real soft and reserved, and then out of nowhere comes this awesome guitar solo, and then the chorus comes back in and you're headbanging like a mofo. Amazing.

It's nearly impossible to match that, and they don't, but they keep a good, solid album up for the rest of the time. All of the songs have very cool riffs and are very headbangable, with the exception of the average ballad I'm Sorry and the pretty lame epic Trilogy of the Damned which comes as a bonus track.

Get this fucking album right now if you enjoy headbanging at all. And you know that neck brace I was talking about earlier? You might need one after you're through with this album.