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Very heavy! - 99%

MetalBanger, January 7th, 2005

Here is one Swedish band that can't be compared to anyone else! This band just gets better with age and each release. What sets this band apart is the fact that they can live up to their hype. On their fourth and most powerful release to date, the band just lay it all on the line. Each release is different, but the qualities of powerful musicianship, passionate vocals, dark lyrics and moody atmospheres are all intact.

The vocals provided by Tom Englund on the opener "The Great Deceiver" sounded just a tad unusual, but the smooth blended in with the raspy kick in there after. Patrick's tight and somewhat technical drumming are just as mesmerizing as before. Melody and dark keyboard atmospheres are always a strong point in the band's music. Tom's vocal performance on each track is just powerful and breathtaking. You can tell in his voice that he means what he says. The title track is actually a cover song from a Swedish band called Dilba in which Tom says that it was a popular song back then he just took it to a tougher level.

"Your Darkest Hour" not only shows off Tom's vocal capabilities, but sensual female vocals as well to counter Tom which works perfect. When you sing this passionately, you have to have something to sing about right? Well, "Unforgivable" speaks out on child molestation in the Catholic church which has been running rampant for several years now. The disc is completed with "Trilogy Of The Damned" which was issued only as a bonus track on the Japanese release of "In Search Of Truth". You get it here now at a cheaper price.

I would give this band a million dollars just to see if they could write a bad album. I think it's impossible for this band to do right now. If you like your Metal with a little power and have something to say, don't pass up this opportunity to get a wonderful CD!