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Agressivene,depressive,metal masterpiece! - 97%

Benign_Hypocrite, August 30th, 2003

Evergrey is one of the new metal bands with great abilities in music.They play
something between progressive and power metal combined with depression and darkness.The sorrow and the dark atmosphere in their music is the thing that impresses you in this band.The lyrics talk about unsolved mysteries and situations full of sorrow."Recreation Day" is the more recent release of Evergrey.
This album is more strong than their previous releases.The production is also perfect.There is still the depression and the grief
in their music,but in this album the riffs are more powerful than before and there are more fast songs.The vocals of Tom Englund are still
full of emotion and his voice fits perfectly with the music.The album starts with an amazing song "The Great Deceiver",a ripping guitar solo in the beginning of this song
is the foretaste of an awesome album,the song continues with a fast guitar riff and the beautiful vocals of Tom Englund,the rhythm changes are also good and the solo in the end of
the song.With the first song you realize that this album could be one of the best of the year.The second track "End Of Your Days" is also good,technical,atmospheric,with a fabulous chorus,great work
from Evergrey.The third song in this album "As I Lie Here Bleeding" is one of my favorites,melodic,emotional with a great chorus too.The guitar and the keyboards are combined perfectly in the songs.The fourth track,"Recreation Day" starts
with a heavy,powerfull riff,the melodic emotional chorus and the tearing solo make the album track one of the best songs in the album.The fifth track of the album is one of the most agressive tracks of Evergrey,great drumming and riffs,rhythm changes and the
dynamic vocals of Tom Englund paint this song.The sixth song of the album "I'm Sorry" is the melancholic piece,a great ballad full of grief and misfortune,with songs as this everyone realises that metal music has everything to offer,from agressive songs to beautiful emotional ballads.
Each song in this album is magnifical,Evergrey developed a metal masterpiece,with the first hearing you can understand that "Recreation Day" isn't something common.After "I'm Sorry" the album continues to excite and fascinate.
With songs like "Blinded","Darkest Hour" and "Fragments",the acoustic guitar balllad "Madness Caught Another Victim" and the emotional "Unforgivable Sin".This album is stirring.Evergrey have created a beautiful album you must hear it more than one time to understand the depth of the music.
I think that whether you are a black metal fan or a power metal fan you'll like this album and you must definitely have it in your collection.This album is one of the metal's best,you must get it.