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I would love it... but it lacks speed. - 70%

AzzMan, June 1st, 2004

It propels pure power from The Great Deciever... and maybe a couple other tracks. The rest are pretty boring. They use speed in places to make it seem strong. It is.

But the problem dosn't lie in the speed, but more in the consistancy. A nice switch up is nice, an acoustic at teh end of an album-whatever. But here I think Evergrey might have done better just going for the real speed thing. When they do decide to riff it up, it feels a bit... repetitive. So really, there's no reason to bitch unless you, you know, like your music good. Or fast.

Overall, if they concentrated more with aggression, I think I might have liked this more... maybe they did that on another album? If so, I think I might check Evergrey out a bit later. For now, I'll stick to Blind Guardian.

Check it out if you feel you're in the mood for something with varying speeds, styles, or something a bit dark or sad. Otherwise go back to headbanging.