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Absolutely Amazing - 100%

MindRuler33, June 17th, 2006

This DVD is absolutely phenominal... I own good amount of concert DVDs and have seen a good amount more, and one thing is for certain, this DVD stands out lightyears ahead of just about any concert DVD I've ever seen. For both Evergrey fans and non-Evergrey fans, the sheer amazing look and proffesionalism displayed throughout this DVD must be respected. This goes for both the actual performance quality and the overal show and video production.
Evergrey is an incredible band, and this DVD perfectly showcases their strengths... the addition of a 3-person backing choir and a string quartet (on 6 songs) brings the quality of their music to an even higher level. Everyone is spot on in their performance. If you like Evergrey's music in the studio, you can't dislike this.
And then there's the video production. This is quite possibly the best looking concert DVD you'll ever see... Both the way it was shot and the way it was edited attribute to an overal stunning package.
Do not underestimate the power of this DVD. I've seen this DVD transform people with just one watch. More than a few of my friends have gone from not caring about the band to being very big fans with just one viewing of this DVD... it's clearly an amazing gift for any Evergrey fan, as well as anyone who appreciates quality showmanship.