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Solid death doom debut out of the UK - 87%

CarcassBOMB, June 11th, 2019

Yay! Some more death/doom which is feeling rarer these days, with October Tide really being the only other release like this on my radar. Dead Eden offers a healthy dose of Neurosis and Melvins inspiration that gives it an overall vibe resembling a combination of Conan and Isis. It rumbles when it's heavy and it's fanciful when it spreads out, never losing traction in between. It's was released in April and the band still have a pretty small following, this should definitely change asap, some solid stuff here. The UK is just doing it right these days.

Death doom as a whole feels way more melancholic to me, like it's more about the expression with death vocals than lyrics and song structure. The songs are typically quite long with a lot of long build ups and hooks, it's a genre with more similarities with post metal than your typical stoner doom. This will become pretty obvious by the halfway mark, the track Vessel of The Flesh which is purely an instrumental. They are clearly comfortable here and the record did not suffer one bit from this interlude. Space is clearly a large element of their sound in couple of ways.

The vocals on this record are obviously death vocals but they're with elongated notes and quite on the deep end of the range. It get's tighter and faster for the chaotic peaks that bring an air of thrash. It seems to always keep basic timing or at least a base signature, maintaining a rockier element that doesn't carry any hint of punk or extreme metal, it's quite purely a doom/prog/post kind of setup and I can really appreciate that. It doesn't borrow from black or death or try to fuse things too much, it just plays some solid doom/post with death vocals.

The cover art for this album was done by Kelvin Doran of Serpent Tusk Studios and he is a new artist to me, I'm definitely seeing some stuff he's worked on that I want to listen to. Just based on the album covers. He did well with this one, it really catches the darker side of doom with some really esoteric imagery and an overall cool design theory. It's very shamanistic which kind of describes a level of the music as well. This picture gives me the idea of humming or chanting, with the combination of the heart and wizards in the mountains, I imagine it being a consistently loud environment.

There's some pretty good guitar solos in here, it's never a dull a moment if you're the guitarist for Everest Queen. It's a story telling approach to guitar playing that is needed for this long format. It performs well under the pressure of the smaller bursts as well as the endurance of the longer segments. There is a general comfort of everything fitting well across the record, no blemishes. There's a lot similarities to the riff progressions found on Leviathian by Mastodon and even a decent amount of Gojira's ...From Mars to Sirius on the guitar tone and technique. Two albums that fit together really well and are arguably timeless. What they are doing here isn't super original but it's more of what we need right now since the forerunners are either all retired or have gone in a soft white metal sort of direction. So having a solid new death doom band in 2019 is an overall satisfying experience.

Dead Eden will be in my rotation for a while, it has high replay value. The track Grave Dweller is a consistent standout for me.

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