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The shortest way - 75%

Solmonar, October 23rd, 2012

Evadne is a Spanish doom/death metal band with over ten years of experience in the metal scene. They started in 2000 under another name (Hexenprozesse), four years later their first record, now under the name of Evadne, “In the Bitterness of Our Souls” was released. The other two full length albums were released in 2007 “The 13th Condition” and now in 2012 their last album, “The Shortest Way”.

Let’s talk about “The Shortest Way”. Their last album was released this year by the Russian label Solitude Productions and it’s a mix between melodic death metal passages and the slow, crushing, melancholic doom metal approach. This kind of approach is giving the album a dynamic feeling and it’s kind of hard to be a passive listener. There are lots of elements ranging from clean vocals, clean guitars, some really gentle female vocals to harsh, deep growled vocals, heavy doom low tuned riffs and symphonic keyboard passages. Also the higher tempo, provoked by the death metal elements, make this doom metal release to have a more aggressive feeling to it, rather than a melancholic one.

The sound on the album is very well executed, the man behind the mastering and mixing was Dan Swanö (Novembers Doom, Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath) so no ugly surprises here, very professional done. Regarding the influences, the album is somewhat similar to what you hear in Swallow the Sun, Draconian, so if you’re familiar with those bands you can expect something similar.

The Shortest Way is a good melodic doom / death metal release, it keeps you focused by its dynamic and aggressive approach and if you’re into this part of the doom metal genre then I think you’ll really enjoy this release.

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