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The shortest way - 75%

Solmonar, October 23rd, 2012

Evadne is a Spanish doom/death metal band with over ten years of experience in the metal scene. They started in 2000 under another name (Hexenprozesse), four years later their first record, now under the name of Evadne, “In the Bitterness of Our Souls” was released. The other two full length albums were released in 2007 “The 13th Condition” and now in 2012 their last album, “The Shortest Way”.

Let’s talk about “The Shortest Way”. Their last album was released this year by the Russian label Solitude Productions and it’s a mix between melodic death metal passages and the slow, crushing, melancholic doom metal approach. This kind of approach is giving the album a dynamic feeling and it’s kind of hard to be a passive listener. There are lots of elements ranging from clean vocals, clean guitars, some really gentle female vocals to harsh, deep growled vocals, heavy doom low tuned riffs and symphonic keyboard passages. Also the higher tempo, provoked by the death metal elements, make this doom metal release to have a more aggressive feeling to it, rather than a melancholic one.

The sound on the album is very well executed, the man behind the mastering and mixing was Dan Swanö (Novembers Doom, Edge of Sanity, Bloodbath) so no ugly surprises here, very professional done. Regarding the influences, the album is somewhat similar to what you hear in Swallow the Sun, Draconian, so if you’re familiar with those bands you can expect something similar.

The Shortest Way is a good melodic doom / death metal release, it keeps you focused by its dynamic and aggressive approach and if you’re into this part of the doom metal genre then I think you’ll really enjoy this release.

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Dreams in monochrome - 85%

lordazmolozmodial, June 11th, 2012

I started my morning seeking for some new doom metal albums with skilled and calm melodies, and then the album "The shortest way" for the Spanish doomdeath metal group "Evadne" have crossed my eyes, suddenly I could breath sadness in the air, eight tracks of roaring death metal riffs and catching drumming have been manufactured and lubricated well by the serious doomy feelings, creating a dark piece of art that teases all the listeners. The record "The shortest way" is the second full-length album for this band, and its a different experience than the debut album "The 13th Condition", because "The shortest way" contained sharper production and even warmer compositions, I also enjoyed the calm clean guitar sections in this record more than the debut album, the harsh vocals also have clearly improved and the clean vocals moments added more heat and dynamic melancholic theme to the tracks.

Evadne is setting the doomdeath metal scene on fire with this record, and the band's influences are not very hard to guess, one cup of Evadne contains many (My Dying Bride) riffs and a lot of (old Katatonoa) feelings, so much (Draconian) drumming touches and quite a few (Novembers Doom) passages, this simply means that a single track for Evadne can embrace many great doomdeath metal acts and represent them with a fascinating original way. Its really hard for me to mention my best tracks in this record, every track has its own emotions and stories, the track "No place for hope" starts its story with warm clean guitars intro before the storming slow death metal riffs that blow suddenly to create its own atmosphere, the calm keyboards melodies merge perfectly inside the song just to add more complex chemistry to the structures of the tracks.

The track "Dreams in monochrome" begins with windy riffs and rainy lead guitar that sinks inside the mid-paced drumming work, the bass and the rhythm guitars in this track are my favorite elements, the breaks and the screamy vocals made this song one of the best tracks in this record. The third track "The complete solitude" caught my attention with a very soft intro and very warm clean vocals when it started, the cold guitar riffs blow and destroy the calmness of the intro in a very wonderful way, this song is really calm and it has so many memorable moments. The track "One last dress for one last journey" is my favorite track-title and my favorite song in this album, the amount of memorable riffs inside this track is great enough to be a highlighted doomdeath metal song.

The fifth track "All I will leave behind" begins with a very touching female vocals and continues with grim doomy riffs that remind me a lot of the song "Forgive Her" for the Finish band (Swallow The Sun), but the dynamics of the track start slowly to take a brighter path within the ears. The instrumental "The wanderer" starts its journey perfectly with a nice slow solo that crosses the chaos of the rhythm guitar so softly till the end of the track. The seventh track "Further away the light" is an aggressive track, and it keeps its aggression between the the breaking sound of the lead guitars, extreme bass work and a vital drumming are performed amazingly here. The track "Gloomy garden" begins gently with clean vocals that welcome the radical powerful guitars blasts, the harsh vocals and the clean vocals are mixed together in this track to mix two different atmospheres all together, the result is a great outro for this amazing record.

As I said before, the production is sharper than the previous release, the genius (Dan Swano) was the one who mixed and mastered the album, and I guess this is enough for you to guess how much professional and sharp is the quality of this record. If you are a doom metal fan and you are into the mournful doomy tracks of October Tide and the early Katatonia, then you have to get your copy for this record now, its very recommended.

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Evadne: The Shortest Way - 90%

Everlasting Sorrow, May 20th, 2012

The Shortest Way is a dark, brooding, and sorrowful work of art from Spanish doom metal act Evadne. Taking the slow, heavy riffs of melodic doom metal and combining them with the intensity of death metal and the extended song structures of progressive rock, Evadne has not only crafted an album that is original in its approach, but also one that is spectacular in its execution. Often sounding like a cross between Opeth and My Dying Bride, The Shortest Way is (as one may imagine) a very emotional and dark album focused mainly on brooding atmospheres and somber melancholy. This is a bleak, often depressing, and always beautiful observation from Evadne - after releasing something of this caliber, these Spanish lads should be on the map for doom metal fans worldwide.

As I've mentioned previously, the music here sounds somewhere between My Dying Bride and Opeth, without drawing too heavily from either. While maintaining their own sound throughout the full duration of The Shortest Way, Evadne's use of slow doom metal riffs parred with stringed instruments and somber atmospheres brings My Dying Bride to mind immediately, and the progressive acoustic influences remind me of a few of the earlier Opeth outings. Evadne sounds like a rather unique blend of the two with plenty of exterior influences to give them their own identity in the modern metal climate. This album consists mainly of long, epic compositions, each of which is an independent journey of darkness and despair by itself. Together, it forms a lovely conceptual piece of music that should easily satisfy any fan of doom/death metal.

This album was mixed and mastered by none other then the legendary Dan Swanö (Edge of Sanity, Nightingale, Bloodbath, Unicorn, etc.), so of course you can expect an absolutely killer sound on The Shortest Way. When you also consider how excellent the songwriting is and how gifted these musicians are, it immediately becomes apparent that we're dealing with a truly great album. Evadne's second effort has impressed me tremendously, and I'll be glad to hand out 4 stars and two big thumbs up to The Shortest Way. Fans of extreme metal on the slower, more melancholic side are bound to have a magnificent listening experience with this one!