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Eulen - Mother Tree - 80%

JD89, March 27th, 2012

For those who aren't familiar with the Syrian metal scene, you're not missing anything because it's been almost a five years since a local band released a decent full-length album, which is obviously The Hourglass's "Resurrection Of The Horrid Dream".

Eulen is a two-piece band Typhon and Seth formed in 2009 in Damascus, Syria. Their first appearance was the split "Enlightened" with Despair (another Syrian band) which got some great feedback from the online community.

"Mother Tree" is the band's first album. With their unique blend of doom, and raw black and death metal, "Mother Tree" contains beautiful cold melodies mixed with acoustic guitar tones and some keyboard lines. You can notice the cold, kvlt riffs here and there, especially in the track "Clouds" (which is almost 17 minutes long). You can also easily feel the Agallochian influences in this album. As for the vocals, I really can't tell which I enjoy the most, the black vocal sounds or the mixed black vocals with crushing growls. Either way, both are astonishing. I wasn't really impressed by the drums, for I found them to be a little boring in some parts. The artwork, designed by Hazem Mallah, is excellent. The album was recorded/mastered at the Old Hearth Studio and the production is great as they manage to keep the raw sound while maintaining solid quality (something rare in the Middle East and especially in Syria).

Whenever I listen to this record it gives me a feeling that I'm stuck in a cold forest alone, yeah! It's one of those albums that gets better and better every time you listen to it. If you are an Agalloch fan, you must check out "Mother Tree".

Best Tracks: Graveroom, Clouds, Dunes.

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