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Would be great if you couldn't hear the kick drum. - 70%

Zodijackyl, August 18th, 2011

Eucharist's first release was this rehearsal tape containing three songs that were recorded on their first proper demo the following year as well as on their first LP another year later, plus "The View", which was re-recorded and released on the Deaf Metal sampler a few years later.

My overall impression of this rehearsal is one of an impressive, fast performance, complex song structures that were not overly chaotic, and very poor recording quality where the kick drums are way too loud. This is the obvious flaw in the recording, with everything compressed into a lower range and not a lot of treble, so the punch of the drums can barely be equalized out. The guitars and vocals feel a bit distant, and the bass is even less audible. The drumming is really good, but it is simply too loud.

While the songs are well-formed and the performances are also better than I would expect of a 1991 rehearsal tape, there isn't much reason to listen to this as the same songs are more easily found with a much better recording on their proper demo and a compilation. This certainly served its purpose when it was recorded, but the band did themselves justice with a proper recording. Check out "Demo 1" from 1992 to hear these songs with proper production. They also appeared on the "A Velvet Creation" full length, but the production on there was surprisingly weaker than the demo.