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Underrated Gem - 90%

NecroWraith, February 8th, 2007

The band's second full-length studio release, it was released in 1997, 8 years after the forming of the band in 1989 in Sweden. It should be easy to see that the band has gone a long was since their "A Velvet Creation", released in 1993.

The thing I love about this band is their originality, which can easily be seen here on Mirrorworld. One hears the phrase "Melodic Metal" and might think of Maiden guitars, or perhaps some power metal riffs with Death Metal vocals? But no, the guitars are perfect. Thick distortion adds to the dark atmosphere throughout the album, giving an eerie, yet great, listening experience.

Probably the best part about this CD (and band in general, as this can be seen on “A Velvet Creation” as well) is the fact that Eucharist are so good with melody and rhythm, staying original at every song, and filling the album with ALL good songs, so you can listen to the whole album all the way through without getting bored. (As I often see myself getting bored with the majority of death metal releases).

The drumming on this album is also extraordinary, making the music richer and taking away some of that shallow feeling that could sometimes be heard on “A Velvet Creation.”

Overall, the only bad thing I can find about this album is the lack of a really good production. While it’s not BAD, it could DEFINITELY be improved.

For such a short-lived and highly unrecognized band, this CD is a masterpiece. Sure, it has its flaws. But it is definitely, by far, way better than 99% of the Death Metal releases out there. Highly recommended.