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Still has the Eucharist feel - 85%

Dark_Mewtwo1, November 25th, 2008

Those familiar with this band swear by A Velvet Creation, an album that seems heavily influenced by Red in the Sky-era At the Gates, but with a strange, moody, melancholy blended in. Mirrorworlds sees a change, this time around the Eucharist boys send out some pretty harsh sounding melodic death metal. At times sounding like an ecccentric In Flames, and others recalling their murkier past, Eucharist show how overlooked they were.

The production is much different in comparison to their debut. It's a lot clearer here, clearly inspired by the Gothenburg-ish movement. At the forefront lays a more harmonic approach to riff writting, although the guys still prove skilled at creating textured riffs, an approach that defines the band's sound altogether. Mixing in some different riffs and leads along with little curveballs like the outro to With the Sun, Markus shows off a wide range of riffcrafting ability, something that doesn't seem to be as appreciated. The bass is present, but it's not "the presence" like on A Velvet Creation, where the bass filled every crack left by the bleak guitar sound. I'm sure many a death metal fan will be disappointed with the band's sound on this record, which is a shame considering the quality of the music. The drumming is a little more subdued, but Daniel Erlandsson still lays in some pretty great patterns and fills. His ability to keep the drumming within the context of the song, as well as keeping the listener interested, was a big strength of this band, and it shows up here.

Fans of the bands earlier work may find some fault with this album, but I must say, this is solid. Eucharist were known for crafting quality tunes, and Mirrorworlds is no exception. There's a lot to like here.