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Melodic Death at it's finest. - 100%

Catastrophic, February 4th, 2008

When I first heard of the name Eucharist I never thought of looking up for information about this band. That was until a friend of mine gave me a CD-R copy of this melodic death metal band’s EP. According to him, this EP has sold out and it’s no wonder why. Since there are only 2 tracks here I’ll review it track by track.

The first track, which is the title track, starts off with an interesting acoustic intro. Then at 0:50, the acoustics guitars are blasted apart with ferocious double kicks and crunchy melodic death metal guitars. An excellent tremolo vibe is added into the mix. The vocals some sort resemble Possessed in a good way. The vocals then seem to be catching up with guitars riffs. At 3:03, the guitarist plays a stop start riff and the drum goes to a stop start snare beat which is quite interesting. This track is very catchy. I like my death metal in this way.

The second track has a huge thrash vibe. Some drum rolls are thrown into the mix making this an excellent example of death metal drumming. The double kicks are still intact. At 1:30, the guitars transcends into a slow vibe but the double kicks stills goes on. The mix of tremolos makes this track even more amazing. The guitar solo in this track has a little bit of shredding, making this much more resemble. At 3:24, the whole song comes into a spooky bit with drum cymbals in the background. The song then goes into a state of Dark Tranquility styled ending. This is a masterpiece.

As a conclusion, the drumming in this EP is very excellent. The production is great and doesn’t have a raw sound. The guitars are very catchy. The whole EP resembles what bands like later era Carcass might play. I recommend this to all melodic death metal fans out there.