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The production does make a difference - 86%

MacMoney, September 27th, 2004

If someone asks me for albums with disturbed production values, Eucharist's A Velvet Creation might not be the first album that I mentiond but certainly not the last. The drums are down in the background and the bassdrum is clicky, the guitars are muffled and dull and the vocals are raw. You can imagine my surprise when I first heard this demo and it actually had a clearer and sharper production than the album. The bassdrum actually sounds like a bassdrum, the snare is rather ploinky though not as badly as on the album, the guitars are fuzzier but they're a lot sharper, the bass is deeper and more prevalent in the mix and the vocals... Well, the vocals are still raw but what else did you expect?

The production is unlike gothenburg metal production usually, sounds more like actual death metal. But don't let that fool you. The demo is very much gothenburg metal even though in its earliest and rawest form. With the appropriate production, these songs wouldn't sound that out of place on The Gallery or Skydancer. While Eucharist's music pretty much follows the gothenburg-style with the aggressive parts and the slow interludes with soft guitar melodies (thankfully there is only one on these three songs) but the way the guitars interplay with each other is unique in this genre. Also Eucharist manage to load up the slow passages with emotion without making them sound cheesy which is usually the problem with gothenburg bands. Some of the solos sound a bit out of place and a tad bland but that is not a large flaw in itself and the interplaying leads very much make up for it. All of the songs here, except for the short acoustic outro of Into the Cosmic Sphere, ended up on the A Velvet Creation album so this demo doesn't differ much from it musically even though the very different production does make the listening experience in itself very different.