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Introspective but generic atmospheric post-BM - 62%

NausikaDalazBlindaz, October 9th, 2018

From the same fellow (Harpag Karnik) who helms BM ambient project Erancnoir comes another project Etheraldine, this one specialising in atmospheric post-BM. Already this project has two EPs and an album out. Whatever speed juice HK is drinking, please please, pretty please can we have the recipe? "An Eyrie for Serenity" is a very attractive if melancholy recording of two long tracks, both instrumental and demonstrating the care HK has put into the music to make it immersive and emotional, and powerful at the same time.

First track "A Glimpse of Eternity" begins with a repeating loop of trilling guitar jangle and pretty birdsong field recordings that plunge into rousing, swelling BM noise power riffs. The pace and the mood are relaxed, even when the powerhouse post-BM pounds through the speakers. The drum machine is a bit thin and flippy, and a thicker sound probably would make the music even more powerful but as it is the music is not bad. For all its mournful length though, the music does not change very much and there's no sense of progress towards a resolution after the track ends.

The title track is even more dreamy and meditative in mood and atmosphere, and the gentle guitar warble is flutter about in circles until the halfway point when harsh acid-rain BM showers and thudding blast-beat drum machine force their way in and fight for dominance against the gentler tremolo guitar trills. The overall feel is dark and the mood changes from wistful and pensive to aggressive (in a positive way: the rage doesn't feel violent or destructive) back to gentle. Again, while the track is immersive, not a great deal happens with the music switching from peaceful to noisy and back again.

This is a beautiful and introspective work though it sounds generic and the softer, quieter music needs a raw edge to it to bring out the reflective emotion behind it. I'm assuming that all instruments used on this EP are Western instruments but I think featuring a native Persian folk stringed instrument for the acoustic guitar passages might help give the music a more distinct sound and personality. The noisy post-BM isn't much different from Erancnoir and I wonder why this project and Erancnoir are needed when their styles overlap.