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A very great awakening after 4 years of slumber - 90%

Hellphoenix, March 1st, 2013

Let's just start by saying this is one of the greatest releases for this band. They've waited a long time to release this album. True, but I can guarantee it's worth the waiting. The work they've put through in this album is really worth mentioning. They've managed to improve their performance and live up to their legacy. So this album is a must buy.

The atmosphere of this album is very promising. The band did not turn themselves into a total symphonic death metal band. If I were to specify their genre I would definitely call it symphonic/melodic death metal. Their techniques have really improved and their range, too. Altti's vocals have improved a lot, going from a high, distinctive pitch to a low, more of a death metal pitch. Some of their tracks aren't consistent with their genre such as "Sound Of Silence", but it really fit the mood they are driving you into. The usage of the clean vocals in this album is more of gothic metal, but they still manage to keep it more of a melodeath type.

Their guitars have really progressed in producing the melodies since their latest release. The mix between the rhythm and lead guitars is really good, too. The keyboards provide a very good atmosphere for the album of both symphonic and melodic death, not falling to any of the two genres completely. "Angelheart, RavenHeart Act III (Savion Lapsi)" was a great epic sequel for a 3 epic tracks of melodic/symphonic death history. To be honest, I was sad at the end of this album because I wanted more of this music to play, I couldn't get enough of it.

Bottom line short story version, "Savion Lapsi" is a great joy ride to those who values true music. If you are a fan of this band, this album would be a very good release to add to your collection. If you like the the unparalleled mix between symphonic and melodic death, buy the album. If you want to experience a wondrous journey into the minds of a great artists, buy the album.