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Ballad-esque and Chaotic majesty in one. - 98%

HowlingMoon666, April 13th, 2012

Eternal Tears of Sorrow is one of the few bands that stuck to their genre. Their sound had just few minor changes over time, but the essence of this gorgeous band still resides in the depth of their songs. This is a band worth listening to. You will never regret buying an EToS album.

Chaotic Beauty is more...romantic, if you ask me. Unlike the other albums where you were able to find infernal riffs and blastbeats, half of the songs on this album are rather calm and melancholic. For instance, "Autumn's Grief", which in its essence is 100% a ballad. Also, "Bride of the Crimson Sea" and "Nocturnal Strains" are very deep, incredibly hierarchical tracks, though the thrashy riffs are still a vital part in EToS's music. On this album they focus more on keys than on guitars, and these keys combined here and there with Sinergy's Kimberly Goss braid into perfection. Their music and especially the music of this album is another badge for Finland, another rose on its icy crest.

If you have more money than you need, haste yourself, shatter the walls of a music magazine with your car, and buy this outstanding piece of art. I owe this band's discovery to my first girlfriend, which was listening to them everyday. I thank her for this and I hate her because the addiction under which I succumbed to these Finnish gods.