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Death accessible - 86%

3415, December 1st, 2004

This album actually manages to impress, despite not being overly original. Melodic death metal with touches of black thrown in for good measure is what’s on the cards here, with the odd 80´s metal influence here and there. The band are certainly not afraid of using their capability of writing memorable melodies, several of their songs are chorus-heavy and catchy. Synths and piano are used rather frequently, but for the most part they’re not allowed to outnumber the guitars, whose main objective is carving out leads rather than laying out traditional riffs. A female voice is also present, but fails to be impressive, and loses your attention rather fast.

As for the rather light-weight screech of the male vocalist, it comes of as acceptable, but nothing more. The attention-grabbing features on this album are the high quality songs and arrangements; they seem to have spent a lot of time on getting all aspects of them to really shine. Especially “Blood of Faith Stains My Hands” and “Autumn’s Grief” offer fantastic listening.

The production is good, but not astounding; all instruments are clearly audible even in the faster sections, and the sound focuses more on lifting the accessible parts of the material to the forefront and leaving a thicker and more brutal sound for others to pursue. This is all well and good, and fits the band nicely.

Finally, I should mention their cover of “Black Tears” by Edge of Sanity. It’s a great song, but it is not improved here, as the original version pretty much has it all, and it’s not really all that many years ago it was first released.