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Very solid Melodic Death. - 86%

zeratul, July 2nd, 2005

This album has a very unique sound. If the whole Gothenburg thing didn't exist, maybe (and hopefully) this kind of music would be more abundant, and Melodic Death a better respected genre.

Track # 1 "Aurora Borealis" starts with a keyboard melody, soon joined by drums & bass, and gradually by guitars and vocals. This song has only like 1 or 2 guitar riffs on it, but don't let that scare you, since it's got awesome lead guitar work followed by a very nice instrumental that also serves later as an outro.
Then on Track # 2 they make up for the lack of riffs on the first song. It's also more fast paced, and compels you into listening further.

But to describe this album without spoiling you the rest of the songs, I'll tell you it's got everything you need to have a good time. Which means great guitar leads and solos, solid riffs, a nice growl by the vocalist and very tasteful compositions.
Although it may not be a riff-fest, and keyboards might overcome some songs at times, this doesn't sound like Gothenburg at all. Actually, it takes some Gothic elements and molds them very well into the Melo Death sound.

It isn't all glory though, since it's rather inconsistent.
For example, Track # 3 doesn't have much to offer after some listens, and thus, it's a temptation for the skip button.
Also the last song fails to deliver anything new or interesting, which might reduce the album's playing time if you don't feel like listening filler songs.
And the keyboards are given more focus than they should have. Not to mention they sound like from a Nintendo game at times.

While it may not be ETOS' best album, it's still very good, and worth checking out.
This is essential if you like anything melodic, and have patience for somber keyboards and some slow tempos.
Metalheads that are just looking for something to headbang until their neck breaks might want to avoid this though.